Watch Star Trek Phase II: Kitumba – Episode 4×08!!

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As our way of saying Thank You to all of our fans and Friends, Star Trek Phase II’s “Kitumba” goes live at 11 p.m. Eastern Time tonight! One full hour before the January 1st debut.

James Cawley


The Star Trek Phase II Team


Originally a two-part story draft for the Star Trek: Phase II TV series in 1977, it was rewritten into a one-part episode for this production. A good deal of the episode takes place on Qo’nos, the Klingon homeworld: which was shot on location at Fort Ticonderoga, New York, and at a local restaurant. Members of the International Klingon Federation helped out with the location shoots.

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  • James Beltz says:


  • John Moore says:

    Getting better!

  • Jim` says:

    Great episode….thank you for keeping it going…….screw the people who are saying it sucks….


  • Paul Barker says:

    Fantastic episode folks, hugely enjoyed it – thanks!

  • Chris F says:

    Just Watched the episode and WOW!!!! what a way to start 2014.

    Great episode, loved the little references to things that have gone before (or to happen in Bones’s case)

  • Max says:

    Thank you!! Fantastic work, everyone. I’m in Vermont and would love to get involved… how can I do it?

  • chris lyons says:

    Fantastic episode

    as good as any studio produced episode

    Chris lyons

  • James Hazel says:

    Great show..amazing Special effects. Please keep them coming!!!

  • Sebastian says:

    Just saw “Kitumba” this morning. That was incredible.
    The FX work looked as good (and often far better) than anything we’ve seen in the TOS-remastered sets. The sets and lighting are (as always) simply gorgeous. And I enjoyed seeing how the Klingons in this story dovetailed with the Klingons we later see in TNG and other series (while still remaining faithful to the original “Kitumba” story I’d read about).

    Wonderful job to James Cawley and everyone involved in this production. As usual, it was first rate.

  • Hull says:

    Kitumba, I loved it! James Cawley does the very best Kirk ever. I think Brian Gross will have a hard time beating that performance. Also the rest of the cast are providing an excellent performance. Occasional amateur slipups by some castmembers in the beginning but nothing serious.

    I think Spock lack a bit of presence in this episode and would love some more focus awareness onto that part.

    Audio was really nice, effects and environment was excellent. I especially liked the coloring, it was extremely vivid and warm throughout the entire episode. This is the best episode yet when it comes to the set and lighting.

    Thank you so much for the fantastic improvements. The phase II series are now even better than the original when it comes to immersion. I consider this production to be fully professional and ready for the next step.

  • VADM Larry S. Neigut says:

    without a doubt, the best episode yet. no matter what has been said, james, you will be missed. you have big stones. you took on a role that had shoes too big to fill and you did a great job. those nay sayers are idiots. best of luck to you in the future,

  • Mike Blick says:

    Very cool and enjoyable episode. So many references and nods to classic Trek, and how awesome to see such great effects with the Enterprise and the Klingon ships. Well Done! I will also add that James makes a great Kirk and will be missed.

  • Bob Moline says:

    Thank you, James. You were a most excellent J.T. Kirk. <3

  • John Ward says:

    I have been enjoying this series. I only found it a few months ago and I have been around long enough to remember watching the original Star Trek series shortly after it first premiered. I had no idea until recently that there were even such things as web series. How fitting for Star Trek to inspire so much creativity that now we can find two shows about the original series and a plethora of web series being made from scratch with completely new ideas.

    I am saddened to see James leave. It really did not matter that he did not look like Bill Shatner. The plays the thing. But I look forward to seeing what this newcomer Rick can do. I am sure he will enjoy it and we will enjoy him.. Now,let’s see what’s out there.

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