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Kirk and Marcus

The Holiest Thing is coming!

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Happy Holiday weekend everyone, it is one that we here at Phase II are plenty busy with appearances and the release of our latest episode “The Holiest Thing” BRIAN “CAPTAIN…


Watch Star Trek Phase II: Kitumba – Episode 4×08!!

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As our way of saying Thank You to all of our fans and Friends, Star Trek Phase II’s “Kitumba” goes live at 11 p.m. Eastern Time tonight! One full hour before

08 Kitumba

And The Countdown Begins…. And a message from The Captain

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Today on the Star Trek: Phase II facebook page this was announced: It is with Great Happiness that we announce on January 1, 2014 we will release the completed…

David Gerrold

David Gerrold Joins the Production Team

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James Cawley, Executive Producer of the internet web hit, Star Trek Phase II, today announced that former Star Trek scripter, David Gerrold will be joining the production team as “show-runner.”

Special Features


Beaming to The Enterprise… An interview with Pony Horton

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Hello, fellow Trek fans… I know it has been a long time since I have posted a review of an episode or an interview, however I have been struggling with a brok


Dr. Tristan Adams’ Toast from “Dagger of the Mind”

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With the holidays upon us–a time of home and hearth, I thought I’d take a minute to discuss the toast that Dr. Tristan Adams makes in the episode “Dagger of

Scott here

Bridge to Engineering… Mr. Scott? An interview with Charles Root

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  Today I am honored to say that I have Charles Root here to talk to the blog:   1.What is it that you do for your “day job”, if you can talk about it I am

Captain Kirk (Brian Gross)

An interview with Captain Kirk… Brian Gross

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This article and interview with Brian were written on the last day of filming of his first episode of Star Trek: Phase II, “Bread and Savagery” in June 2012: